Smithville Master Community Plan

Project Overview

The Township of West Lincoln (the Township) is creating a Master Community Plan (MCP) to guide the future development of Smithville.

The MCP project was commenced under the direction of the Township in collaboration with Niagara Region following an update to the Region's Growth Management Strategy, which forecasted new population and employment targets for West Lincoln and designates Smithville as the location for most of the Township’s anticipated future growth.

Population and employment growth within the community will require an expansion to the urban area.


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We want to know what you think about the Smithville Master Community Plan!

To provide feedback on the MCP, including the draft Preferred Concept Plan, key policy directions and draft Official Plan Amendment No. 62 and 63, please click the link below.

Next Steps

The MCP Project has recently completed Phase 3 of its timeline, following the completion of the Preferred Concept Plan and the Monitoring, Management and Implementation Recommendations in consultation with review agencies, stakeholders and the public.

To learn more about what’s coming up for the Project and how you can be a part of the ongoing consultation, please click the link below.

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