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Smithville Master Community Plan Documents (NEW)

The Township of West Lincoln (the Township) has created several documents to guide the future development of Smithville.

To read these documents, please click the link below.



The Master Community Plan at a Glance

As with all vibrant communities, Smithville is growing. Population and employment growth within the community will require an expansion to the urban area. The Township of West Lincoln has initiated a Master Community Plan (MCP) to help guide the future growth and development of Smithville.

This virtual engagement platform will introduce you to the project and gives you the opportunity to provide your input.

To learn more about the Project Story, please click the link below.
Townline Road - Smithville


Provide Feedback

Community consultation is vital to the success of the MCP and your input will help inform the decision-making process. As members of the community it is important that your voices are heard during the development process.

The MCP has finished Phase 3. A draft Official Plan Amendment was developed based on the community’s feedback and the environmental assessment and is available for your review and feedback on this virtual engagement platform.

To provide feedback on the MCP and the draft Official Plan Amendment, please click the link below.


Next Steps

For the MCP to be successful it needs the community to be involved throughout the entire process. The MCP Project has recently completed Phase 3 of its timeline, following the completion of the Preferred Concept Plan and the Monitoring, Management and Implementation Recommendations in consultation with review agencies, stakeholders and the public. Where is the project headed next?

To learn more about the next steps for the MCP, please click the link below.
Image taken during Cultural Heritage review.
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