Smithville Master Community Plan

Subwatershed Study

A Subwatershed Study investigates natural features, natural hazards, and movement of water within and surrounding the existing and future development areas. It analyzes the impacts of urban development to the area’s wildlife, vegetation communities, groundwater, flood risk, and watercourses. These findings are the basis for developing a plan to mitigate these impacts, preserve the natural environment and protect existing development.

The Subwatershed Study team has reviewed all available background information and completed field investigations to develop a detailed understanding of the natural features and systems and their interdependencies. The field investigations were completed over the course of 2020 to assess the natural environment during various seasons, and included detailed investigations of the area’s:

In 2021, the Subwatershed Study Team completed the first stage of the impact assessment to determine the effects of urbanization on the area’s natural and water resource systems, and on area karst features. In 2022, the Subwatershed Study Team completed the second stage of the impact assessment to evaluate alternative strategies and approaches to mitigate the impacts, and provide a recommended environmental and stormwater management plan. These assessments and recommendations have also incorporated measures to mitigate and manage the impacts of climate change.

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Surface Water


Stream Morphology (Watercourses)


Aquatic Ecology (Fisheries)


Terrestrial Ecology (Vegetation and Wildlife)


Climate Change

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Next Steps

The MCP Project has recently completed Phase 3 of its timeline, following the completion of the Preferred Concept Plan and the Monitoring, Management and Implementation Recommendations in consultation with review agencies, stakeholders and the public.

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