Smithville Master Community Plan

Integrated EA and Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Results

An Integrated Municipal Class Environmental Assessment / Official Plan Amendment Report that meets the requirements of MCEA Phase 1 (Problem/Opportunity Statement) and Phase 2 (Environmental Inventory, Alternative Solutions) is being completed. This report will document the integrated planning process in support of Official Plan Amendment No. 62 and 63.

This includes documenting the results of several impact assessments that are underway:

An environmental impact assessment identifies and analyzes the potential impacts of urban development on the natural and built environment and evaluates alternatives to mitigate these impacts.

At the end of Phase 3 of this study, subject to the Township’s Official Plan Amendment No. 62 and No. 63, and public review of the Integrated EA Report, the Township intends to proceed with the implementation of the recommended Schedule A/A+ and B projects (automatically approved with Schedule B Projects subject to OPA No. 63 Approval and no appeals), and projects not subject to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process in accordance with the proposed phasing plan.

All Schedule C projects identified in the Smithville MCP Integrated EA Report, including future Smithville Bypass and CPR Grade Separations, will require additional investigations that will be carried out at a later date as their own standalone EA studies to address Phase 3 (Alternative Design Concepts) and Phase 4 (Environmental Study Report) of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment planning process. Phases 1 and 2 are being addressed through the current integrated planning process.

Click on the links about or scroll down to learn about the preliminary results of the impact assessments being completed.


Subwatershed Impact Assessment


Transportation Impact Assessment - Traffic


Transportation Impact Assessment - Active Transportation


Water Impact Assessment


Wastewater Impact Assessment

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Next Steps

The MCP Project has recently completed Phase 3 of its timeline, following the completion of the Preferred Concept Plan and the Monitoring, Management and Implementation Recommendations in consultation with review agencies, stakeholders and the public.

To learn more about what’s coming up for the Project and how you can be a part of the ongoing consultation, please click the link below.

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